Electric Six

House of Blues

April 11, 2007


Electric Six are never to be taken seriously. They're tongue-in-cheek charlatans(I mean that in the best possible way) from Detroit that rock the disco metal. In addition, they're silly kings of the night that smell gloves and drench you with naughty, dirty synth. If their music wasn't minimally catchy, they'd be less enjoyable yet still funny. Did I say that right?

You could call Electric Six meta-metal. Lead singer Dick Valentine was so aware of himself Wednesday night at the House of Blues that when the catchy or rockin' chorus came around, he made fun of the fact that he should be jumping up and down or rocking out by making stoic faces and performing robotic dance moves. This was somewhat funny but also annoying after a bit.

All in all, the show was fun. The music was danceable, and the crowd was into it and in on the joke. They knew that it was only dance music. The music mixes best with people who are willing to make asses out of themselves. Trust me. Stll unsure about how Electric Six is wacky or funny?

Sample lyric: "Calling all protected girls/Infected girls do it better."--This song actually has the best chorus I've heard in a long time.

Sample song title: "I Wish This Song Was Louder."

If you wanna check out an album, start with their first one, "Fire." They've gotten progressively worse.

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