Hairy Mountain

Circle Bar

March 30, 2007


Brooke Lamm is a great frontman, but I never knew it. I didn't get to catch him in Blackula or Black Mountain, and when I saw him with Hairy Lamb, he was held down by his bass. Not on Friday night at The Circle Bar. For at least three songs, Lamm left the bass duties to DC Harbold and alternated between buck-dancing on his wooden board and engaging the crowd. And when I say "engaging the crowd," I really mean it. Lamm got up in people's faces with his maniacally evil rock faces and motioned for applause when there was little. At one point he pointed up to the sky in affirmation, nodding his head as he had his mean face on high. I was a little scared. It looked like he shoulda been pointing down instead.

Lamm was determined to get the crowd into it. I'm sure I would have gotten into it more if I wasn't so worried about getting brained by a mic stand. The danger of that, too, was kinda fun, though. Lamm stalked and seemed like he was itching, do or die, to get some energy out.

Also in the band was drummer/vocalist Steve Thomas, who made the biggest impressions when he sang on "Sexually Retarded" and "Crazy," the lyrics of which go something like, "You're fuckin' crazy, but we like you." As you can see, Thomas adds some needed humor and levity to the music.

Hairy Mountain plays dark, obviously bass-heavy but dance-ready hard rock. It's the kinda music I figure you'd hear in your head if you were stuck out out in the backwoods of Appalachia for a couple weeks after a couple bad things had happened and it was more than possible that a couple more would, too. It's wonderfully wrong music sung by the weird kids. I love that the band has no qualms about showing how twisted they are.

I enjoyed it when Harbold took bass solos. I got to see how great he is on the bass. Also, can I just say that Lamm has the best bass sound in the city? Check him out.

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