March 25, 2007


Am I the only person retarded enough to trace the name evolution of a rock steady side project? That's a rhetorical question. The band that was 007 became 00Doug when G. Love drummer Jeffrey Clemens was replaced by Iguanas drummer Doug Garrison. And, Sunday night at Bacchanal, the band called themselves the 00Dougs, for no reason, I guess, other than that they're master musicians, they don't give a shit, and they've earned the right to say whatever they want.

The band, which also consists of guitarist Jonathan Freilich, bassist Joe Cabral, and guitarist Alex McMurray, focused on rock steady numbers, but they also threw in songs full of rockin' blues, Tex Mex sensuality, and boho drunkenness.

Next time I need to get a seat closer to the band. I wish there was a place to stand to watch the bands at Bachannal. You're either sitting with friends or you're nowhere. The crowd applauded after songs. They seemed to care just enough without actually dancing.

The chef prepared awesome Indian food. I had the tomato basil and curry soup and the sausages. Yummy.

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