Kylesa and Ghengis Tron

One Eyed Jacks

March 13, 2007


Have you ever seen a mosh pit get confused and dissolve? It's pretty fun, because inevitably, there's gonna be two or three that won't wanna give up on the loss of the beat so easily. They're still running into people after the keyboardist and vocalist have stopped and the guitarist is noodling away in rhythmless mathcore bliss.

Ghengis Tron was the first math metal band I've seen. They opened for Kylesa Tuesday night at One Eyed Jacks. Luckily, for the moshers, Ghengis Tron didn't switch directions very often--only when they felt like it, which was any time.

I didn't really like Ghengis Tron. I think it's interesting how they used a drum machine and melded industrial with metal, but the fact remains that they didn't have a drummer. No matter how audibly pleasing their stuff was(and sometimes it was kinda catchy), what they were doing just didn't have that punch because I didn't see a drummer destroying his set. The lack of a drummer seemed amateur, as if the band figured they could skip an important step and nobody would notice. So, basically, when the vocalist was screaming his head off, I didn't believe him, because there was no drummer.

Kylesa was better than Ghengis Tron. They're a metal quintet from Savannah. They had two drummers, a bassist/vocalist, and two guitarist/vocalists. One vocalist "sang" while the other two specialized in cookie monster voices.

The music was violent, bombastic, and apocalyptic. They switched between sounding like Fu Manchu to sounding like Venom. The music wasn't groundbreaking, but it got the blood pumping and the pit moving better than Ghengis Tron did.

I thought that with two drummers the music would be insane, but apparently the drummers didn't have double bass pedals. I think the drummers were more interested in adding to the heaviness in a more subtle way than pounding the crowd's face in with their kick drums.

My eardrums definetely got pushed in a little bit during this show. Seems like the music was just a bit too muddy to show just how artsy these guys thought they were. Their brains extended a bit further than their bodies.

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