C.C. Adcock

Cafe Brasil

March 09, 2007


They call C.C. Adcock swamp pop, but he's rock n' roll to me. I can see why they call him swamp pop. He sings catchy, melodic, and pop structured(verse chorus verse) songs that employ a fiddle and have a Zydeco flavor. But, his dark swagger, embrace of vices, and distrust of authority screams rock to me. And, also, there's those alligator boots he wears. They're a nice touch.

On Friday night the man from Lafayette played an acoustic set at Cafe Brasil. Even without drums and bass, he was able to make "Stealin' All Day" sexy. Maybe it was the tremolo, but there was something wonderfully sinful about that song and the low light Adcock stood in. During the song he sang into a seperate mic that seemed to add distortion to his voice. It's not hard to hear rockabilly and surf influences in "Stealin' All Day," which came from 2005's "Lafayette Marquis," Adcock latest release off Yep Roc Records.

Whatever Adcock played, it came out as dance music. There was a definite swing in the percussive way he played his guitar. I wanted to dance, but everyone was stuck at the bar or sitting down. The crowd seemed to like it, still, but I wish there were more full-blooded fans out there to make it a party.

Halfway into the set Adcock brought out his fiddle-playing friend, whose name I've lost. For the rest of the set Adcock kept the rhythm while the fiddler played lead. And I mean he really played lead. He played that thing just like it was an electric guitar. Pretty cool.

Apparently Adcock doesn't do acoustic that often because he said of his performance, "This has to be the gayest thing I've done." And, I guess I can see where he's coming from, leaving himself exposed like that, but it worked.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of C.C. Adcock in the future.

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