Theresa Andersson with Arthur Mintz and Johnny Vidacovich

Cafe Brasil

March 09, 2007


With her last EP, Theresa Andersson found her voice. On previous endeavours the gritty underbelly of her soul was covered up by her MOR sound. Now, the lyrics and music have united to highlight and celebrate her spirit. In other words, she settled herself down and wrestled the gist outtta the mud. She's seems more free to roam through sound, and because of this change, I like her music more than I used to.

Andersson continued exploring her experimental spirit when she performed with Arthur Mintz and Johnny Vidacovich at Cafe Brasil Friday night. Mintz, the drummer for World Leader Pretend who is also a former student of Vidacovich, and Vidacovich played seperate kits at the same time, both facing Andersson, who stood in the middle.

The spirit of the set was a jam. Even when the trio played structured songs, parts would extend and go in improvisatorial directions. With such talented performers, this was a blessing and not a burden. Maybe it was Andersson's in-tongues singing or Mintz's tribal drumming, but the first ten minutes definetely had a Indian campfire vibe going. All three were relaxed in the beginning and just obviously excited to be playing with one another. Neither Mintz or Vidacovich took the lead, even though Mintz was expectedly louder. Both drummers were set on complementing each other so they could make the best sound.

Andersson stuck to her fiddle. The songs that used vocals seemed to be hers. I loved when she used her effects pedals. The best was when she kept looping herself until the music got really psychedelic. This is easy to do with two drummers. It was worked when she stuck to the simple and just showed off her voice. The understated drumming on "Will You Marry Me?" was perfect.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early, but I think I got the point: Andersson is at an exciting point in her career and is worth seeing whenever I get a chance.

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