Los Calientes


April 24, 2004

Salsa music is a special type of dance music. There are many kinds of vibrations that will shake me silly, but there was something uniquely soulful about fully-formed Salsa band Los Calientes Saturday afternoon at Jazzfest. Their music made me want to dance twice as fast, twice as better, with twice the amount of normal energy.

Formed in 1996, Los Calientes, formerly Los Calientes del Son, were the first Salsa band from Louisiana signed to a major label. So, now they call New York home, and they influence a whole lot more people than in New Orleans.

Along with a brass and percussion section, the band had three lead singers who were very good at crowd control. They were happy and energetic, and they got the crowd to clap and sing. Made me wish I took Spanish in high school instead of French. The concert was a party, and a full field of dancers in front of the Sprint stage is always a great sight.

Kudos to Los Calientes for their success. I'm glad such a kick-ass dance band represents New Orleans in New York. Hopefully, they'll come back and play New Orleans as often as possible.

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