Big Daddy Kane

One Eyed Jacks

February 25, 2007


"Straight out of Brooklyn, soft-spoken and he will devour you on the mic. I don't want to try to out-rap Big Daddy Kane. I may out-dress him, but I'm not gonna try to out-rap him. Big Daddy Kane can rap circles around cats."--Ice-T

Before his free show at One Eyed Jacks Sunday night, I didn't understand the importance of Big Daddy Kane. I had heard of him, but I certainly didn't know Jay-Z started as his hype man and that he's known as one of the fastest rappers to come out of the golden age of hip hop(1986-93). The local hip hop heads certainly knew of Kane because they were out in full force.

I got to see Busta Rhymes in 2000, and I'd have to say that Kane is right up there with him as possibly the fastest of the fast.

Before we get into Kane's performance, I wanna talk about his live backing band, Connie Price and The Keystones. This band was the shit. They were like one of those old Stax or Motown bands, the bands that were about artistry and painting a picture with restraint and economical movements.

Oh, man, this band broke out the soul. They were so good they sounded like a recording. The instrumental band consisted of a guitarist, organist, bassist, percussionist, and three horns. Yes, they had their own horn section. This the band that could play "What's Going On"(album)all the way through without breaking a sweat. A bit of trivia: local organist Robert Walter sat in for one song during the band's opening set.

After Kane's DJ introduced him, he walked onstage wearing a plush, purple velvet suit, a collared shirt, and sunglasses.

Kane was in a good mood. He hyped the crowd up with call and response and arm waving, and he even suffered the idiots who insisted on asking him questions as he talked.

The crowd of 130 seemed really into the show. Even though Kane only rapped for about forty minutes, the show was very enjoyable. It was nice to hear hip hop that didn't curse and that was more innocent than what we have today.

Some songs that got the crowd going included "Ain't No Half-Stepping," "Warm It Up, Kane," and "I Get The Job Done." Kane seemed lucid and on point the whole set.

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