Good Guys and Metronome The City

Dragon's Den

February 12, 2007


Good Guys has the line-up they've been waiting for, so I don't wanna hear any excuses if they don't get what they want. Jeremy Johnson and Tom McLaughlin, the de facto leaders of the local rock band, noticed the ability of Madrona's drummer long before that art rock outfit disbanded. When the opportunity presented itself, the two asked the drummer to join Good Guys, and he accepted. Enter a player that is more technically proficient than their last drummer and also seems to fit in with the band's style and individual personalities better than the previous hitter.

Good Guys didn't debut any new songs at The Dragon's Den Monday night, but the crowd of fifty(pretty good for Monday) was happy with the old stuff, especially when the band let loose with the their poppier, headbang-friendly material. It was when the band reached without grasping, like when they did a poor job of covering an Ennio Morricone piece and when they drifted into lounge weirdness and abstraction, that the crowd seemed to lose interest. Luckily, the band roped them back in.

Opening for Good Guys was local instrumental rock group Metronome The City. The music is best described as epic, dark, schizophrenic, and searching. Metronome had some new songs that sounded pretty cool. I know that's not saying much, but just trust me. They certainly didn't suck.

I like Metronome more each time I see them. I have a natural resistance to bands without vocals, so I think it's just a matter of breaking down that wall until my mind is completely comfortable with and open to the music.

When I wasn't being distracted by how often the music changed direction, I was enjoying the songs. There were a couple of short euphoric passages that made the whole concert worthwhile.

Props to videographer Zack Smith, who was important in setting the mood with his images.

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