The Bad Off

Saturn Bar

February 15, 2007


The Bad Off is back with the only local drummer besides Supagroup's Brugen that could fill Jody Smith's shoes--Rock City Morgue's Keith Hajjar.

The Bad Off scratch the itch that I believe the city secretly has for bombastic, over-the-top Zeppelin and GNR-influenced rock. It's nice to have a dark, theatrical local group that talks about giving and seeing light and is all about having fun while not hurting anyone. The "having fun and not hurting anyone" part may seem like almost every band's modus operandi, but something in the music and the band's attitude make me think they have more of a claim on that approach than others.

The Bad Off's live animal uses more than the music to shake things up. Lead singer/guitarist Erik Corriveaux broke out the Axl whistle for the first time at The Saturn Bar Thursday night. Lead guitarist Brian Berthiaume wore glitter on his face, bassist Dan Lauricella showed off his chest, and Hajjar looked like Kiefer Sutherland circa Lost Boys. So, I guess my point is that they give style like their home turf is the Sunset Strip.

Judging by the quality of the new stuff I heard Thursday night, I'm getting excited about The Bad Off's upcoming album(Note: Lauricella finished his bass parts in seven days and has been waiting quite a while for those other clowns to get into gear). There was one song in particular that was HOT--"Bomb Drop." It was a headbangingly great tune that didn't let up. It was as rocking as it was poppy. There's no reason--besides the fact that there's no label pushing it--the song shouldn't be playing on hard rock stations around the country a year from now.

I remember The Bad Off trying to take the tempo down a notch with music that was softer, more spirtual, and more ethereal. It didn't really work. The people had become fans in an instant and were on the hard rock ride for the long haul, and there goes the band throwing a curveball. Don't stop the party, or at least do it without taking the drive and life outta the show.

The Saturn Bar was the perfect place for this show. Just small enough to be intimate and just big enough to not feel crowded. I'm so glad the bar is having shows, and I can't wait for more.

The crowd seemed to love the band, if not at first, then later. If only The Bad Off had a CD to peddle at the end of all the adrenaline.

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