Jeff Tweedy

House of Blues

January 26, 2007

"I came prepared for you," Jeff Tweedy said to the sold-out crowd at The House of Blues Friday night.

He then explained his comment by showing the crowd a much blacked-out list of songs that he kept on a stool to his left. These were the songs wherein Tweedy raised his voice or played louder than usual. They're songs that Tweedy pulls out when he encounters a rowdy audience like the one he encountered here. Tweedy made fun of the city's reputation as drunkards, and at one point during the night, Tweedy said he likened playing the show to warming up in the batters box with weights on his bat. When the time came to actually get in front of the pitcher, like when an audience was actually obedient, he'd hit it out of the park.

Luckily, there were only a few times during the concert when Tweedy stopped joing around about the amount of people talking to actually get annoyed about it. But, the crowd really wasn't that bad. It was a full room, after all. It was an uphill battle for Tweedy to keep the whole venue quiet, so I wonder why he even bothered to mention his discomfort. My favorite part of the concert was when Tweedy heard a "shush" and said, "Sir, that's not gonna work. Never, ever." That reasoning seemed about right. And, really, the shushing can sometimes be even louder than the noise the shushing is trying to stomp out.

Tweedy put on a great show. He was an engaging and funny performer that was armed with many beautiful songs. Tweedy was very at easy with the audience and almost seemed to encourage small outbursts or comments from the crowd. The throng of fans sang along when it was appropriate. "Jesus Etc." was a song it seems everyone knew the words and was singing along to.

Some songs he played:

Jesus Etc.
California Stars
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Heavy Metal Drummer
Passenger Side
The Late Greats

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