Antenna Inn

One Eyed Jacks

January 12, 2007

God knows we don't have enough rock bands in New Orleans right now, let alone good ones. So, it was with great joy that the audience at One Eyed Jacks welcomed Antenna Inn back to the fold on Friday night. The local band was around for a short time in 2004 before the Rogers brothers had a fight and disbanded the band. With the brothers reconciled, the band is back, hopefully for good.

Antenna Inn is Ryan Rogers(guitar, vocals, vibes), Brandon Helgason(guitar, vibes, noise),
Sam Craft(lead vocals, keys), Joe Bourgeois(bass), Eric Rogers(drums, vibes), Cory Shultz(rhodes, vocals, vibes, horns), and Chris Guccione(drums, vibes)

So, to recap, that's a lot of vibe players and two drummers. Even without me telling you about the amount of strange meters in their songs and the amount of times they change those meters, they seem a little pretentious, right?

The band is supremely arty, which isn't a bad thing. They seem to know just how far they can stretch out with noise and abstraction before it gets old.

Everyone I've talked to about Antenna Inn liked them, were surprised they just popped up out of the blue with such well-arranged songs, and asked if they were playing again.

Antenna Inn can be a little jazzy and Steely Dan-ish, thanks to their sometimes spoken vocals, but then at a moment's notice the meter and personality of the song changes and things get faster and all guys start chanting. The next seond, like it never happened, the audience member is thrust into an awesome guitar solo and then right back into a verse. This is followed by the appearance of the ether, which is only anchored by atmospheric guitar transmissions reaching out into the nothingness. Stabbing with hope for life. Then the drums build and it's a free for all. Snare rolls cover constant cymbals and disorienting noise.

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