Little Freddie King

House of Blues

January 06, 2007


Little Freddie King plays the blues, but he sure makes me happy. His roadhouse, wheel-gone-off-the-track blues make me dance.

New Orleans' own, Little Freddie King, wowed the audience at the House of Blues on Saturday night with his own dance moves and high energy showmanship. Pretty good for a 66 year-old.

At various points throughout his seventy five minute set, King threw his leg over his guitar as he skipped along the stage. He performed his acrobatics while wearing am amazingly tailored dark suit. King wore matching green shoes and tie, along with a hat. The green shoes could barely be seen underneath his pants, but it was such a killer small touch.

The crowd danced all through the set, which made sense. They were the ones who survived all the other bands that preceded King's headlining set at WWOZ's Twelfth Night celebration. King's snappy music would have been difficult for anyone to stand still to.

King was a classy performer, even when talking about naughty women with a shine in his eye. He was obviously a good timer who even seemed a little evil when conceding defeat to a woman.

King played mostly rollicking songs, but he also snuck in a few slow numbers. He was joined by drummer "Wacko" Wade, bassist Anthony Lee Anderson, and harmonica player Bobby Lewis DiTullio.

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