Living To Die

The Mermaid Lounge

January 09, 2004

A funny thing happened at The Mermaid Lounge on Friday night. As I listened to the opening rock band, I scanned the show's flyer. It listed “Picolo Studios Recording Artists Living To Die” at the bottom. I became excited. I only came to see Axis Down, so I wanted to see what kind of high quality show these “recording artists” had to offer.

I politely clapped and sat through the first band, which was sloppy, offbeat, shy, and pretty much any other bad name you wanted to call them. Their lead guitarist’s dexterity was admirable, and their lead singer had an average voice, but these guys weren’t with it. The lead singer was compensating for the lack of applause by speaking immediately after the songs ended. "Was it okay," he asked? He didn't want to know. This was the group of forty-somethings you’d see playing covers in the CBD before a Saints game.

So, of course, I was shocked when the band introduced themselves as Living To Die right before their set ended. Every rock band I’ve heard in the last two months, mostly ones I've never heard of before, were better and much more deserving of being “recorded” than these guys. Anyway, sorry Axis Down, but I was angry and void of hope for the night, so I left The Mermaid Lounge. Keep the $5.

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