Louisiana Music Factory

December 29, 2006

AM plays music that your Mom will feel good listening to. Which isn't to say it's bad. It's just middle-of-the-road, generic, and ordinary. AM plays music that isn't special and doesn't challenge your ears. Adult contemporary, or easy listening, as they used to call it. AM's acoustic-driven singer-songwritery pop may be catchy in spots and succeed in its simplicity, especially in the way it gets a lot out of a little, but his songwriting leaves something to be desired. He's good at driving a melody into the ground and making the listener sugar sick.

I saw AM play an acoustic set at the Louisiana Music Factory on a Friday night recently. His whiny and overly sentimental, melancholic songs about relationships just seemed to bring down a TGIF crowd that was looking to party, beer in hand. Of course, everyone clapped politely, but I was bored by the bland music.

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