King Ghidorah

The Big Top

December 29, 2006


The point of this review is not to actually encapsulate what local noise group King Ghidorah played at The Big Top on December 29th(one real reason for my aversion to description is that I'm lacking in background knowledge concerning noise music). The point is to encourage you to attend more noise, ambient, and experimental concerts.

And, so now you're saying, "Well, why should I, Jason?"

Because you're probably into the escape element of music. And King Ghidorah provides more escape than you might want. Some people get off with the loud sounds at a hard rock or heavy metal show, but you haven't truly gotten off from heavy until you've seen King Ghidorah.

King Ghidorah play loud noise music that becomes a cacophony coccoon, a place where your senses are so assaulted that you either fall asleep or flee. It's so easy to get numb inside the music and escape.

Another reason is to dispel any notions you might have that what noise musicians do is easy, that you could do the same thing. Bandmember Dan Haugh actually built and debuted his own self-sustaining noise box on the 28th. How many people do you know would actually go through the trouble of building their own musical device? As far as I'm concerned, Haugh could have been completely reckless with the device and I wouldn't have cared. The fact that his creaticity contributed something new to the musical community was enough in and of itself.

Haugh played with knobs and switches while Potpie manned the demonic, distorted megaphone and Alec Vance abused his guitar for unusual sounds.

The three read each other to decide how and when they'd take the music low and high.

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