Howlin' Wolf

December 23, 2006


Everyone who saw Nearvana's performance at the Masked Band Ball this Halloween ranted and raved about it, so the Howlin' Wolf brought the local Nirvana tribute band for an encore Saturday night. I've seen many cover and tribute bands over the years, so hopefully it means something when I say Nearvana is one of the best tribute bands I've ever seen. Not only does Nearvana mimic sound perfectly; they also mimic notes and the progression and expression of Nirvana's notes without fault. Nearvana is White Bitch(Kurt), Keith(Dave) from Rock City Morgue, Erik(Krist) from The Bad Off, and Jack(Pat) from Testaverde.

Nearvana didn't mess around: they employed medleys and blindsidedly transitioned from one song to another. They were constantly on point. White Bitch re-created the most minute vocal details from the albums, and Keith played every little drumming detail EXACTLY like Grohl. Bravo!

Nearvana played pieces of or whole renditions of the following songs: Aneurysm, Breed, Drain You, Floyd The Barber, About a Girl, School, In Bloom, Something in the Way, and Scentless Apprentice(I'm probably unwittingly putting in or leaving out a few).

I'm most impressed that the band was able to figure out exactly what Pat played live. I guess it's written down somewhere, but it always seemed so vague as to exactly "how" Pat was helping the band onstage. Was he essential or just a safety net for Cobain? I guess that's a question for Nearvana.

The best part of the show was when Erik said Jack's name, and White Bitch still in Kurt character, said in depressed drawl, "Who's Jack?"

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