Blue Cheer

One Eyed Jacks

November 17, 2006

I had no idea. I thought that since Blue Cheer preceded Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, they couldn't possibly have been as heavy. In fact, if Friday night at One Eyed Jacks was any example of how they sounded in their prime, Blue Cheer was heavier than Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Of course, I haven't seen Zeppelin or Sabbath live, so I have to judge by records alone. Zeppelin was too interested in mysticism and melody. They're right out. With industrial sonics and a more sludgy pace, Sabbath had a better chance against Blue Cheer, but they weren't psychedelic like Blue Cheer. And that was the water that made the pills go down. Not only was Blue Cheer oppressively heavy Friday night, their psychedelia created a constant stone(d) haze in the air.

I didn't know whether I wanted to headbang or go to sleep. At some point I just retired to a booth in the back to leisurely sprawl out and let the music make my eyelids even heavier than they already were.

The key to the band's effectiveness was the club's sound, which was presided over by the band's own sound dude. I've never heard the place sound better. A possible reason the band sounded so heavy was that the sound was so focused and direct. It went right into my chest, and that could have been why it strangely relaxed me.

Funny that the heaviest concert I've been to at One Eyed Jacks was played by middle aged dudes. But, then again, they know what they're doing better than anyone. Man, I had no chance at this concert. Before I knew what was happening, the band picked me up and body slammed me with their sound. Blue Cheer was a revelation. More than anything, they showed me how heavy things were and made me wonder why things weren't as heavy now. Must be the psychedelics.

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