Big Blue Marble

Carrollton Station

November 11, 2006

It warmed my heart to see one of NO's best rock bands battle their way through one of the slowest weekends of the year at Carrollton Station Saturday night. Even if there were only fifteen people there, damn the torpedoes and the guarantees, Big Blue Marble was gonna rock out. The amout of people there and the amount of money the band made this night weren't very good measuring sticks for the quality of the band.

Big Blue Marble must have almost played their whole catalog during their long set. Their new songs, such as the ones that mention muses, Texas, and fishing, are exciting, especially "Chop Some Wood," which is so catchy it's silly. No offense to lead singer/songwriter Dave Fera, but, like, how did no one think of that before he did? The hook seems so obvious and simple to think of, but that's probably why it works.

The stage seemed a little small for the band, as Fera and guitarist Ike Aguilar kept bumping into one another. I've seen the band be tighter and more energetic, but I couldn't have expected them to be over the top when the crowd wasn't giving anything to them.

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