One Eyed Jacks

November 10, 2006


Local garage rock band Narcissy succeeds because they don't take themselves too seriously. De facto leader, guitarist/vocalist Jay Holland, sports the biggest smile and shrugs when he or his bandmates screw up, as if to say, "It's just rock n' roll." He also smiles that genial smile when his bandmates say something funny. He seems like he's just trying to have fun up there, which makes his band endearing despite their lack of instrumental prowess.

Don't get me wrong. They can rock through a three chord song, which are sometimes slightly, very slightly, catchy, but but they're certainly not the tightest and most accessible band in the world. And maybe that's a compliment. Hell, these guys come from the twisted school of Meat Puppets and Minutemen.

Without doubt the best part of Narcissy is Holland's detached, prescient, and often hilarious lyrics. One song he lamented dreaming about his bad car brakes instead of something more interesting, like girls, maybe? Another song he talked about going to heaven and seeing Biggie Smalls and Tupac and Jesus acting wacky. And then one song the bassist took the mic to scream awesomely about ostrich farming: "Leather(crash), feathers(crash), meat(crash), that's what you kill an ostrich for!"

Second best part of the show? When Holland somehow played his guitar face down.

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