New Leviathan Brass Band and Veruca Salt

Woldenberg and HOB

October 12, 2006

To raise awareness for New Orleans musicians, Liverpudlian Joe Topping walked from Chicago to New Orleans over the course of three months. He walked fifteen to thirty miles a day, depending on his mood.

Joe arrived in New Orleans last Monday and was officially welcomed into the city last Thursday as the New Leviathan Brass Band led a second line in his honor from Jax Brewery to the Wyndham, where a reception was held for Joe.

I met Joe and talked to him for a bit before the second line started. He was a very genial and cool dude. How could you not be if you walked for three months to see the country and get some press for the city? This was Joe's first time in New Orleans. He was set to leave Saturday. Joe is a blues guitarist. I told him to go try and sit in at the Apple Barrel. He had already seen Rebirth on Tuesday, so I told him to catch Morning 40 on Friday for a more rounded New Orleans experience.

I was disappointed that more people didn't show up to greet Joe, but whatever, the twenty of us or so had fun second lining anyhow. The Voodoo Vixens were in on it, too.

After I bid Joe good luck, I stuck around in the Quarter and waited for Veruca Salt to begin. Y'all remember them, huh? Girl-led alt-metal group from the late '90's that gave us "Seether" and "Number One Blind" and "Volcano Girls"? Before their set the Pixies' "Doolittle" played on the PA in its entirety. Just as "Gouge Away" ended, Louise Post and company got onstage and rocked like rock stars, which I miss. There's nothing sexier than women busting out the cock rock. The crowd was lacking, but other than that, the show was a success. The band seemed grateful and was tight, though not airtight. The only time when the concert went wrong was when the band tried out some emo. Pandering will not look good on their historical record. That night, all I needed to hear was "Shutterbug," and I did, so I was a happy boy.

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