Rotary Downs

One Eyed Jacks

October 06, 2006

Rotary Downs played their whole new album and then some at their CD release party at One Eyed Jacks last night. I already knew the band was already looking past their new album, but with the exclusive way they embraced the new material, the crowd also realized that the band no longer had to stop to look past their shoulder. Rotary Downs is soon approaching the place that so many great bands have reached. That, after numerous albums worth of quality material, they'll be able to be more song and album selective. I don't think they played anything off the first album, and they might have only played one song off of "Long After The Thrill." The rest of the set came from the new album and the last EP. Though they're obviously very proud of it, the band agrees that "Chained to the Chariot" is a transitional album. The latest version of the band is still getting more comfortable writing songs together, and they believe that in time the songs will get better as they get more comfortable. So, maybe the next one will be the top quality album that leader James Marler has always wanted to make, though I think the new one does just fine.

220 people showed up to the party, which was overseen by DJ Art Damage. It was great to see so many people up front visibily enjoying and dancing to the music. It was a real treat to have the band's producer Ivan on stage roudning out the sound of the new album with stabs of color here and there. Especially when he got on the xylophone. I don't think we'll hear those songs sound so full again for a while.

It was great to celebrate an extraordinary record with friends. Thank you, Rotary Downs. You're worth more than the world will ever let you know.

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