Uva Ursa

The Dragon's Den

September 03, 2006


I wasn't sure what I was expecting coming to see Uva Ursa, having just heard of the band while going out and having drinks with the lead singer the day before, but I swore I would come to the show and do a review, so that's just what I am doing.

Walking up the revolving stars up to the top, I was already late for the show. One up there I saw the band's lead man, Neptune, in formal dress tripping all over the place on it. The bass player was still and rocking, and the drummer was playing very efficiently. The sound was much as was explained to me--full of low-spirited sediments and depressing connotation. Very rock with slightly experimental portions. There was a laptop sitting on top of a ironing board on top of a keyboard that Neptune used to incorporate midi files. It flew over and made a mess.

Not only was there a dress and an ironing board, there was a random Donnie Darko bunny mask on the drum set. Neptune also tried to use a megaphone as voice amplification but was drowned out by the rest of the band, so that didn't work. With all the little Knick knacks around, it all seemed like a little much.

The show wasn't a complete bust, as the songs had a good beat with a great drummer. The bass player was good too, and Neptune did a good job, as well. I think the bric-a-brac trinkets took away from the show and were only hinderances to a good performance. I'd like to see them once again with a more polished show.

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