Architecture in Helsinki

The Howlin' Wolf

September 21, 2006


Hundreds of kids in anticipation, large tour bus, and a packed house at the new Howlin' Wolf. I came at the butt end of Big Blue Marble. Sorry guys, I know you were great, though.

When The Blow took the stage, it was kind of a dull show. I'm only saying this because I wanted to actually see Jona Bechtolts technological multi-talent live at work. In his place of absence was..... iTunes!! What was brought about was Khaela Maricich going on solo, pretty much singing karaoke. I'm pretty positive she has had performances like this before. It wasn't a complete bust, though. It was full of energy, and the bigger fans had a field day with it. The best part of the show was when New Orleans locals jumped on the stage and started to dance with Khaela to her goofy pop love(or lost) songs.

After Khaela danced off the stage, the Australian 8 piece Architecture in Helsinki went on as a 6 piece but still packed quite a punch with an energetic live show. With barely any songs peaking over 3 minutes it was no wonder why there were so many kids at the show. The songs are clever, they sound great, and the musicians are very talented, being able to trade off instruments for almost every single song. It's difficult to say what song was the biggest crowd pleaser. To be completely honest with you the stars of the show were all the arguably annoying/amusing kids dancing on stage with the artists for the last half set of the show.

In closing, the show was very pleasant and I feel 60.

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