Jumpin' Johnny Sansone


May 26, 2004

I haven't heard a Louisiana artist with a better hold on the harmonica than Jumpin' Johnny Sansone(Unsolicited praise from Astral Project bassist James Singelton: "That's a blues-playing motherf-----"). His sense of enjoyable melody and his agility on the harp made him and his band a powerful force at d.b.a Wednesday night. Sansone was backed by a pianist, guitarist, bassist and drummer.

Sansone was at his soulful most when he burned off a rollicking blues number. People were dancing, and Sansone's gritty, energetic, take no prisoners style sent the music right through my bones.

His versatility as a songwriter and musician made him more than a "best of" harmonica novelty item, though. He turned out great slow blues songs and roots rock jams, and his accomplished accordion playing gave his pieces welcome zydeco flavor. Sansone surrounded himself with a great guitarist and pianist. They both fed the night's energy with their beautiful solos.

It was a great show. Nothing weird happened: the band was tight, they rocked, and all was good.

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