Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?

Dragon's Den

August 23, 2006


In case you haven't got the memo, the Dragon's Den has reopened. Hurrah, yippee, etc!

There was a mighty big extravaganza August 23rd. Just two days after their first performance, Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? made quite a beautiful noise in The Den of Dragons. The brass banging, horn honking, toot turning, beat supreme made the top deck jump with joy. The sea shanty antics were almost too much to control the pirate inside. Energy was a must.

The group dressed in drag for the night. Why? Because they could. In 1970's New York City, it wasn't unusual to see a punk group go on in drag, for various reasons--sexual curiosity, to piss people off or just because it was the thing to do. Bowie and Iggy use to have a ball going to Berlin to see so many pretty boys being girls casually walking around in the public for their viewing pleasure. Another interesting fact: in Atlanta, in the early seventies, if your hair went longer than your ears, you were considered a homosexual, which if you didn't know, was illegal in Atlanta! So many people for centuries would escape to New York City for their own piece of cultural freedom. New Orleans, I've always viewed, to be much a similar sanctuary. After all, it's the most northern city in the Caribbean. So be happy that you live in such an accepting city. When the rest of the south was stuck in its ways, New Orleans was always much more accepting.

Back to the subject at hand. Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? were amazing. Check them out next chance you can.

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