Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?

Circle Bar

August 21, 2006

Walt, the man behind Crooks and Nannies, is back with his new band, WAWBSABS. It's dancingly stompable, or stompingly danceable, and very urgent when Walt takes to the mic. Since there is only rudimentary snare and kick drum action, Walt's swim or die voice theatrics are what really propels the songs. The instrumentals were more carefree and fun in their tone.

Walt's gift for songwriting is unusually developed, considering his young age. It's almost Waitsian, and maybe I'm talking more about the band's use of horns or Walt's willingness to experiment with different instruments. At times WAWBSABS sounded like a brass band, a loose one at that. They've got a ways to go in musicianship and tightness because the execution doesn't do justice to the ideas.

This music was alive, most importantly. If punk had started in New Orleans, this is what it would have sounded like.

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