Peaches(A Different View)

House of Blues

July 28, 2006


It seems as though I am yet again in great disagreement for a show at the hob. It was quite a night on July 28th, when everything went great for me. I called up WTUL and got free tickets to the Peaches show that I totally forgot was even happening. I showed up right at the end of Eagles of Death Metal, which was sad but a good time for me to jump to the front during the intermission.

The set started just as expected, up from above with raw minimalist energy. When the next song started, Peaches' all star band, the Herms, exploded onto the stage and you knew for a fact that you came to see a rock show. If you were hip to it, you would know how amazing of a sight this was to behold. Samatha Maloney's power drumming was nothing short of Drumsexy. Samatha has played with Hole, Titanica, and Motley Crue, just to name a few. Also Joining was ex-Courtney Love guitarist Radio Sloan and holy crap....JD SAMSON FROM LE TIGRE!! Still stoked from last time I got to see them at the hob a year ago. How could your mind possibly not be exploding right now? Unless you're a loser who isn't rockin' with the LGBT.

Peaches knows what she is and she puts it out there for everyone to see with in your face gyrations, rock star vocals, and overly sexual lyrics. You might not fully agree with her belief system--shaking your dix, fucking your pain away, or having two guys for every girl--but you're going to dance to it anyway. With each song, Peaches stripped down to more skimpy outfits until she had stuffed nips popping out. That's right, stuffed nips. There was also about an 8 foot penis on-stage at one point. It got injured and the roadie medic hauled it off.

When her set finished I thought, "all right, let's see one more song." Oh no, I was gonna see 30 more minutes worth of entertainment. Peaches brought the Eagles back on stage and danced with them. She brought all the intensity of her release, "Teaches of Peaches." She even paid homage to Quintron, whom she shared the stage with months ago and also influenced her as a musician with the amazing drum buddy.

Are the motherfuckers ready for the fatherfuckers?

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