Eagles of Death Metal and Peaches

House of Blues--The Parish

July 28, 2006

Who woulda thought that the Eagles of Death Metal and Peaches would sell out the House of Blues? It's like the forces aligned. It musta just been a great bill on the right night. Deadboy and The Elephantmen, whose popularity index continues to rise, was the opener. They probably brought their fair share, and then there was EODM, who always have a cloud of intrigue surrounding them. You never know if Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme is gonna be on the drums. Also, it didn't hurt that One Eyed Jacks' only event that night was an after-party for this show. Free press, like a present, from One Eyed Jacks to the HOB. It seems like this show was more of a OEJ show to begin with, but I'm glad it wasn't there. It woulda been even more packed with even less elbow room.

I got to the HOB a little too late to see Deadboy, unfortunately. They played a great set of dark, folky, pounding rock at OEJ the last time they played in town. Their performance made it clear what all the fuss was about.

EODM was warming up as I got in the door. People seemed to really be digging on their neo rock n' roll and frontman Jesse "The Devil" Highes' over-the-top rock star behavior. There was only one point the whole night when his "how are the ladies?what a crowd!" schtick got old. Otheriwse, it was fun to watch such a proactively pro rock band transfer their positive rock energy onto a crowd that licked it up. EODM are what the Rolling Stones would have been if they had actually let themselves evolve. A bar band with just the right mixings of R&B and metal. If The Stones weren't so concerned with their bottom line, they might have gone hair metal for a bit. That woulda been great. EODM played meat-and-potatoes riffs that were dressed up with Hughes' enjoyable attention-whoring and vocal histrionics. EODM's "Stuck in the Metal with You" was either just clever enough or just stupid enough of a play on words. Whatever it was, it was fun. It was straight-up, rock n roll party music. Credible, with an ironic wink. Pelvic thrusts outta the ass. What?

Peaches was up next. This was when the gay contingent moved forward and made themselves known. Peaches attracts them, I guess cause she's fairly obscene and she plays dance music. She really wasn't that obscene, though. Some of the crowd made a big deal when she spread her legs, but really, she was anti-climactic. Peaches was theatrical, just like EODM, but her theatricality was more important to her music than EODM's. Take it away and you've got some girl who wrote some mediocre songs. They just didn't hit me like EODM. I really wanted to like the music, but it didn't take me anywhere. It had a good beat, but it didn't move me. Seemed like Peaches was trying way too hard to create cock rock anthems. It didn't seem natural, more like forced, coming from a girl. Her set was a letdown, and it seemed like most felt the same way. It was a EODM crowd. When shock rock isn't so shocking, man, that sucks.

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