The Rockin' Jake Band


May 30, 2004

The Rockin' Jake Band played a mediocre show at d.b.a. Sunday night. I tapped my foot, but that wasn't enough. Jake's blues songs weren't interesting. They were only there. Just an excuse to get out the house and feel like the night before a holiday wasn't being wasted.

Jake played the harmonica very well, and at one point he walked the club and shook everyone's hand while belting out a solo with the other. That made me smile, but there were too many things about his band that turned me off.

His guitarist was no maestro, so to flesh out his sound, Jake needed a second guitarist or a pianist in the line-up. At first, I thought the progressive approach of his bassist was a fun and interesting thing for a blues band, but after a while, his superfluous notes annoyed me. It might have worked if the drummer and he were listening to each other, but it seemed as if they were off in their own worlds. When a rhythm section isn't tight, it's hard to make the whole band seem soulful. Still, Jake was at his best playing a solo, and the band's beautiful spirit shone fleetingly during a slow blues song.

Note: When a band refers to New Orleans as the "Big Easy," your ears should perk up. Imposters! Yes, Jake only moved here in '95, and he sold hot sauce at the show. Play to tourists much? Is this about the sauce or the music?

Jake needs to spend more time figuring out who his new band members will be and less time making sauce.

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