Lithium Lifestyle

The Big Top

June 13, 2006

The Big Top is turning into the New Orleans answer to Metairie's High Ground, which regularly features all-ages punk, ska, and hardcore shows.

The Big Top on Tuesday night featured an all-ages ska-centered show that drew forty people, most of them teenagers. Their collective innocence made me feel pretty damn jaded. When I walked around with a beer, I felt like I was teasing them.

The $6 cover was tolerable for a weekday night, considering the free red beans and three band line-up.

The first band up was Lithium Lifestyle, a local quartet that mixed pop punk and hardcore with traces of metal. They were at their best when delivering ginger singing, not screaming. Still, if I wouldn't have felt sao out of touch, I'm sure the power and slight catchiness of the music would have propelled me into the mosh pit. I liked this mosh pit. Seemed like the kids jokingly created it to let off steam, which is much better than when the fat guy mauls everyone around him for shits and giggles.

Lithium Lifestyle was a little sloppy, but it's difficult for a young drummer to play hardcore, so I understand. The group were definite disciples of Rancid and The Clash. They made me feel really old when they played a Blink 182 cover. Why? Because Blink 182 was influenced by the groups(Bad Religion, Green Day, old Offspring) that were my definition of punk growing up. It's like when I tell people younger than me that I saw Nirvana in concert. They look at me like an old sage and make me feel that much further removed.

The group was joking around with each other onstage and having fun, which was plus. They didn't take themselves too seriously, most obviously when they stutter-stepped through a few covers they didn't know that well. They weren't too concerned. And then the show went on.

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