Taylor Hollingsworth

One Eyed Jacks

May 28, 2006

It's really hard to peg Taylor Hollingsworth down, and I enjoy that. The young guitarist and vocalist from Birmingham, Alabama, has obviously been influenced by many different genres and subgenres, including Southern rock, country, blues, R&B, punk--it's all there. His rebellious snarl recalls Waylon just as easily as it does The Ramones, which his trio performed a cover of at One Eyed Jacks Sunday night.

Hollingsworth played love-themed music that was jaded and slightly nihilistic. Music made by the kind of guy--you know this kind of guy--the kind of guy who says he doesn't have time for girls and therefore gets the pick of the lot. The songs reaked of beer and sex. Taylor's swagger onstage, though not over-the-top, did enough to drive the sex point across. His fuzzed-out rockers that made me think of The Drive-By Truckers. Maybe because they're also from Alabama, but really because of his similar irreverent resignation.

Taylor's music was seedy and surly, but it was also poppy. The Replacements poppy. Real hook and riff-oriented stuff. He's certainly not re-inventing the wheel with his verse/chorus/verse style, but his songs are keepers, nonetheless.

The show started with a slow song and got faster and heavier as the night went on until i wondered if they were a little bit metal.

Though a great songwriter, Taylor also has another weapon: his guitar heroics. Taylor was tasteful and didn't show off too much during solos, but it was still obvious from the second song out that he was gifted. There's just a certain relaxed way a lead guitarist holds their instrument and a certain nimbleness to their finger work.

This was a tight drinking band. A rock n' roll band. I just wonder if playing rock n' roll can get you anywhere anymore. Botton line: take note of Taylor Hollingsworth.

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