The Deathray Davies

The Mermaid Lounge

May 27, 2004

Vocalist/guitarist John Dufilho was a mean foosball player. He had no problem taunting his Deathray Davies bandmates as they and friend Carl Passantino played at The Saint after their show at The Mermaid Lounge Thursday night. Bassist Jason Garner, drummer Robert Anderson, guitarist Mike Middleton, shaker/xylophonist Kevin Ingle, and pianist Chad rounded out the band.

Deathray Davies were a poppin' independent rock band from Dallas full of hooks and quirkiness. They were all about the rock, but they had no problem showing their sensitive and dorky sides through their lyrics and actions. Earnest and endearing are two words that come to mind. It should be no surprise they adorned their stage with multi-colored glow lights. They were pensive and a little gloomy, but they were still silly.

The band played their loud music for an hour and half or longer. They said after the concert they only stopped when they did because they didn't want people to get tired or bored with the music. An onslaught of borderline heavy rock that repeated structures and beats song after song could have gotten tiresome—only because it would have worn my body out.

The show was great, and I enjoyed it immensely. At first, a large empty space laid in front of the stage, but as the set went on, the band and the audience connected. Before long, one guy was even "trying" to start a mosh pit. The crowd clapped, wooed, and screamed out requests. Dufilho got mad at the audience at one point because they were not entirely enthusiastic about hearing new material.

The Deathray Davies hit the audience over the head song after song with catchiness. I wonder if anybody didn't give in.

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