The Planning Fallacy

Pedigo's(Baton Rouge)

May 13, 2006


Parents of Baton Rouge, do you know where your children are--or were--last Saturday night? Well, if they had a driverís license and a penchant for post hardcore emo, they were probably at Pedigoís Restaurant. Baton Rouge band the Planning Fallacy used the defunct restaurant that's nestled in a north Baton Rouge warehouse district for the first show of their extensive summer road tour.

After three opening acts, the Planning Fallacy hit the stage with raw fury reserved for natural disasters or high-speed aircraft. While they were loud, the volume didnít overpower the melodies of the songs, a fact that made this group stand out from most of their post hardcore breathren. From the first note the entire band thrashed wildly about the stage, expressing the intensity of their music. This activity was infectious, as the whole crowd began to move. I kept waiting, somewhat apprehensively, for the inevitable circle of destruction that music fans affectionately refer to as a "mosh pit," but it never did. And believe me, I was glad. Nothing ruins a concert experience for me faster than to have some strangerís size 10 Docs shoved in my face as he thrashes his arms and legs around violently and, heaven forbid, tries to crowd-surf. That hasnít been cool since ďEven Flow.Ē The crowd maintained its tight formation and moved with the music, leaving the acrobatics to the people on stage.

About three songs into the set, the band had to stop to search for water. All of them were red in the face, but their intensity during the songs didn't wane. Austin, the drummer, kept the tempo fast. He also never relied on simple drumbeats, constantly interjecting cymbals and toms in unusual places. While the bassist failed to accent many of these beats, choosing to stick with the melody, the timing was unique enough that it managed to stick out above the wailing guitars and screeching vocals.

While the Planning Fallacy receives an A for effort, they do get docked points for originality. If youíre looking to see something ground-breaking and mind-bending, then this is not the show for you. Similarities to other Baton Rouge local acts like As Cities Burn are unmistakable. However, if youíre looking to jump around and let off some steam to a band that can keep rhythm and control their feedback, then your dollars will be well spent at a Planning Fallacy show.

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