Art Brut

One Eyed Jacks

May 10, 2006


I left the Art Brut show at One Eyed Jacks with mixed emotions. Wednesday night's was such a great show, but it spurred my jealousy. "Why can't I do that?"

I want to be drunk and tour the world while having a number one song in Japan, but there are certain things that hold me back. I can't grow a moustache and I can't play drums standing up. Thse are things Art Brut can do, but funnily enough, their singer can't sing, at least in a traditional way.

The set opened up with "Formed A Band," the first track off their release, "Bang Bang Rock & Roll." The lyrics of "Formed a Band" are about forming a band, and the rest of the band's lyrics are as simple and direct. "My Little Brother"
is about his little brother discovering rock n' roll, and "Moving to L.A." is about, wait for it...considering moving to L.A.

While Argos gestured wildly, jumped rope with the microphone wire, and walked around the
audience screaming the lyrics in people's ears, the band was making sweet magic. They made wonderful punk rock that, if I danced, I would have danced to. The two guitarists played with such intensity that, well, they were intense. The bass player was the only member that didn't show much energy, but I could tell she was still into it. She just stood there, but she nodded her head and mouthed along to the lyrics with a smile on her face, so I'll forgive her this

The only complaint I have about the show is that I only saw the second half of opening band Robocop Kraus. Too many people missed this show. Robocop Kraus was German indie dance rock with a hint of Ozomatli. I only mention Ozomatli because the show ended with the frontman picking up the snare drum and the
drummer following suit playing it into the crowd.

There was actually a decent sized crowd of about 100 people at One Eyed Jacks, but I just wish more people could have seen the show. I've been spending the past few days talking about the show and trying to tell people how their Art Brut CD does not compare to their live performance. This was easily one of the best shows of the year!

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