Rob Wagner/Simon Lott Quartet


April 03, 2006

I've written five reviews about Rob Wagner, not counting the groups he participates in that don't carry his name. So, I'm gonna keep it light. Damn, though! When drummer Lott and bassist Nobu Osaki fed off each other during "Under 21 Not Allowed," I was witnessing a new bond. New to me, at least. "21" contained a catchy and circular sax and bass melody, and when Wagner dropped out and left Lott and Osaki to kick it, I was lovin' it. Lott led while Osaki listened and responded to Lott's changes. Osaki did an awesome job of following Lott's every quick change. It was so satisfying to hear Osaki catch Lott and match his progressions. They didn't choose the easy of path of different roads down their improv. They took the difficult path--staying on each other's ass. It was sick.

When playing a jazzy jazzerton beat, Lott was a little overbearing, but when he played a straight groove, he checked himself before he riggity-wrecked himself.

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