Grayson Capps and The Stumpknockers


April 02, 2006

Grayson Capps creates great music. It's not jazzed jammy, though, and I think that's why he's not more popular with the younger set. Sure, his rhythm section sneaks in a little funk, but you won't ever hear an organ in his music.

Capps plays raw, roadhouse songs that speak of sex and violence. His music is a little rock, a little country, a whole lotta blues, and very gritty. Still, with a punk-paced hillbilly beat, his songs are very danceable. Credit their fiddle player with the awesome color, and don't think you're getting out of this without an awesome guitar solo. The slightest amount of twang is added, as is drum shuffle.

This is foot punding music my Mom can dance to, and I don't mind that.

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