Johnny Vidacovich and Joe Krown


March 28, 2006

I got bored. Johnny Vidacovich and Joe Krown repeated the same groove, and neither were trying to challenge themselves or the other. They were happy to improvise and flesh out lines that were average. The concert Tuesday night at d.b.a. was the sound of two guys who were just trying to get through the performance, not create anything worthy. They seemed unfamiliar with each other. Vidacovich lost his spark.

A half hour earlier, they sounded much better when jamming out with Donald Harrison, Jr. and some kids who were being spotlighted by a news program because the Tipitina's Foundation provided them with instruments and guidance. Krown did a good job of impressing Harrison with his funky nasty, and Vidacovich was his usual self, holding down the beat while also being very exploratory. Vidacovich enjoyably got down to the bones of it when Harrison led a Mardi Gras Indian song.

I'll keep going out to Vidacovich's duo performances, even though I've been disappointed by some of his past pairings. I applaud Vidacovich for trying and sticking to a new format. His duo shows are never predictable, but at the same time, they can suffer when he doesn't click with his partner. His need for adventurous booking gets the best of him when his partner doesn't turn out to work well with him.

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