The Geraniums

Circle Bar

March 21, 2006

This won't be an all-encompassing review. Catch past Geraniums reviews for a good description of the band's sound. I'm just here to say that The Geraniums haven't lost a step, and in my opinion, they've gained a couple.

Sure, they lost their fiddle player and occasional trombone player, but new addition Alex McMurray more than made up for their absence on guitar. McMurray added more rock, but he wasn't overbearing. Actually, having a fiddle or trombone, instruments not known for mixing well with guitar, in the band took attention away from the integrity and core of the songs.

McMurray's talent was more obvious as an addition than as a main player. The way McMurray sat in, played by ear, improvised, and still came up with full, colorful, accompaniment was amazing. He took lead guitar duties, but he didn't show off. He did exactly what the music needed and then backed off.

Check The Geraniums out, even if their McMurray collaboration was a one-time deal. Hope not.

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