One Eyed Jacks

February 20, 2006

If you love rock n' roll, don't miss another Honky show. The Austin trio lay down boisterous and raw rock like few bands still do. When they opened up for Nashville Pussy to a sizeable crowd at One Eyed Jacks, they played a headbangingly righteous, high-energy mix of rockabilly and metal.

Honky was very confident onstage. They owned it, and they weren't afraid to show the audience they knew it. Guitarist/vocalist Bobby Ed's eye sparkled like someone who wanted to let you know that he was gonna enjoy burning your town down. Honky came to strike rock poses, twirl drumsticks, and basically leave the audience with no doubt that you can headbang and dance at the same time.

Honky plays the same kind of boisterous, dramatic high flying hard rock that you hear from Fu Manchu. Honky's riffs are crunchy and rhythmically medium-paced, like in stoner rock, but the band also speeds things up to turn on the punkabilly. Bobby Ed's solos collided the dexterity of Eddie Van Halen with the sound of ZZ Top.

Honky is ten years old, and their sound hasn't evolved much, but nobody seems to be concerned. The fans understand that the band's modus operandi is to create simplistic rock. The music's not smart, but who cares? It's fun, and it's funny. With song titles like "Your Bottom's At the Top of My List" and "Don't Shoot Baby, I Love You," how can you not like these guys?

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