Rotary Downs

One Eyed Jacks

February 10, 2006

Yeah, so I've already written about Rotary Downs millions of times over. I can't help it. They're one of the most talented and interesting bands in New Orleans, and the last year-and-a-half has been a tease that I've been sucked into. At every concert, normally at d.b.a., Rotary Downs have introduced one or two songs from their upcoming album, which has been tracked but not mixed. From the tracks I've heard, the album will be the most important rock record released in New Orleans since who knows when. Or, I could be blowing smoke up my own ass because I really want it to be great. I don't think so, though. This should be a genius rock record that nobody will expect(except you). THIS came out of New Orleans? Out of New Orleans.

Rotary Downs debuted their four piece arrangement at One Eyed Jacks Friday night. The music wasn't as nuanced and subtle without multi-instrumentalist Matt Aguilar, but that was fine if you like things to rock harder. I'm looking forward to more four piece performances because there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding about Rotary Downs. Basically that you can't have fun at one of their shows. What the hell is wrong with the audiences? What, just because the band plays smart music with smart lyrics you gotta just stand there? Then again, I can't really say anything. I wasn't at the front, but next time, maybe I'll just sit at the edge and direct the audience to come closer, like one of those airport runway guys.

I will say this about the audience: they were reverent. During and in between songs, no one was talking. They were listening. Enraptured. Rotary Downs took a chance by playing a bevy of new songs, and I commend them for that. You gotta keep moving forward. The best, or at least most interesting, new song was a dance number that didn't sound like the band at all. It was still great. It sounds like a single you'd hear on a pop radio station, if those exist anymore.

Watch Rotary Downs develop.

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