Crooks and Nannies

Circle Bar

February 04, 2006

This has nothing to do with Crooks and Nannies, but WTUL is playing Liquidrone's "Fools and Their Fences," and I'm loving it. I was also loving Crooks and Nannies at the Circle Bar Saturday night. Accordion(sometimes two), banjo, snare drum, kick drum, cymbal, jug bass, and clarinet. Can you guess it was dance music? Sometimes the songs got so frenzied that it was more "shake your body all crazy-like"-type music, but drummer Jay is well-versed in the second line beats. He brought the steps, so sometimes people were dancing like they were at a Rebirth gig.

Led by Walt, who was either on accordion or banjo, local group Crooks and Nannies played fatally optimistic power punk. The rum-drunk music was full of admonitions and dramatic warnings--"Be sure not to insult the sun," "The life you save may be your own." This last line was delivered in a catchy vocal melody. Everyone was shouting it. It was cathartic. Audience participation makes any concert awesome.

Walt was the star of the show. His anxious, shaking ruminations were fun to watch, and they were easy to take seriously. Anyone can relate to his worry and uncertainty.

The bottom line is that the music of Crooks and Nannies is life-affirming. It makes you feel alive.

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