Hairy Lamb

Circle Bar

January 26, 2006

Any article I've read about Brooke Lamm has mentioned his clogging, so far be it for me to break the chain. Lamm, the former vocalist/bassist for defunct bands like Blackula and Black Mountain, pulled out his wooden clogging board for the live debut of Hairy Lamb at the Circle Bar Thursday night. Lamm was so proud of his clogging abilities that he abandoned his board and danced at the bar with a circle of people around him. It was a fun little hoe-down.

Along with clogging, Lamm is great at playing bass. His low-tuned lines were intelligent in their simplicity. Every now and then, Lamm threw in a quick succession of notes, but it was mostly him playing chords that spoke to base qualities, most specifically the groin. This band is all about the groin, anyway. The music is dark, freewheeling, immature(not meant in a bad way), depraved, and eccentric. It's a danceable soundtrack for outsiders who have trouble expressing themselves but still wanna get laid.

The mix of Lamm's repetitive lines and Steve's simplistic, monsterous, groove-ready drumming will make you sway hard. Or headbang slow. This is a new kind of music at a time when New Orleans has fewer rock bands than ever and needs unique sounds. I can't think of any guitar-less heavy rock bands to compare them to, but let's just say Hairly Lamb has elements of stoner rock and are distant cousins of The Melvins.

Lamm broke out his sinister smile a few times at the Circle Bar, and the juxtaposition of vocalist Jeanne Stallworth with Steve made the band seem stranger and even more detached from society. Like, what kind of bad shit do these people get into when they're not onstage? Stallworth is energetic, petite, and skinny, while Steve is a large, lumbering, gravel-voiced, balding dude. These guys like the same music? Yes, and that's the beauty of it. It was wonderfully off-putting when Stallworth followed Steve's ominous vocals with a peppy, dance step and cheerleader-like chants.

Black Mountain songs were also included.

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