King Louie One Man Band

The Circle Bar

March 08, 2004

Nasty and raw. Some sludge from the sewer underneath the trailer park.

Insane, uninhibited screams and pig snorts from King Louie One Man Band. Either God or the devil got into him, and he just can't stop. Sounds like he's gonna take it to the end of the line. Punk, rock, blues, country. Driving Gospel swing. Hillbilly stomp. Somebody let the coyote loose.

King Louie One Man Band was at The Circle Bar Monday night. The Harahan man sat on his stool, strummed his Zak Wylde guitar, pounded his kick drum, rattled his cowbell, shook his tambourine, blew his harmonica, clamped his hi-hat, and sang his irreverent high energy songs with a raspy voice. It worked.

With his backwards hat and multi-tasking sweat, he was fun to watch but only OK to listen to. That's because you need the right environment to get into his abrasive soul. A bar fight would be good. The reserved Circle Bar is not.

So, go to a bar where he's playing. Start a fight, then duck out of it. Sit back and enjoy the music.

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