Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Circle Bar

December 31, 2005


I once heard somebody tell me that the way you spend new years is the way that you're going to spend the rest of the year. I am a pretty superstitious person to an extent, and I don't fully agree with that notion, but if it's true, I'm gonna be living fancy in 2006.

Show starting at 8:00, somebody told me to go early because I wouldn't have a place to stand if I didn't. I took the advice, but there was probably a good crowd for an average Thursday, so I went to Frenchmen St. and then returned at 10ish. By God, the crowd! Unlike anything I've seen at the Circle Bar. Diminished by the fog, but in full effect. I walked across to the Robert E. Lee monument to view the crowd, and it was such a great site that I took out my camera and climpsed from afar. Eat your heart out, Arlo Guthrie playing in Jackson Square. I ran into David from The Fantastic Ooze while I was in the crowd. He told me that he is having a swell time in NYC and that he has finally started gigging!

One of the best things of the night was the Mohawk hair cutting station. Just a girl with a pair of dog clippers and some laugh-your-ass-off Mohawks. Props to anyone that went through the shaving because I sure as hell wasn't going to. The votes were tallied up for the best Mohawk, though--Quintron, of course.

For me, meeting up with friends and making new ones was all I was doing pre-Quintron. I just didn't know that I was going to be doing this until 3:00 a.m., which was when their set started. ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVED TO SEE THE SHOW! And what a marvelous 35 minutes it was. Crowded just the way you like it. So crowded all the seats were taken out of the bar and put outside before the show. Short but jam packed with songs from their new album, ending the set with an underwater dance party that made the entire bar super-energetic.

It was a sweet and fantastic night for me and even though they did a short set, I was ultimately satisfied with the way things went.

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