Quintron and Miss Pussycat

One Eyed Jacks

October 25, 2005


Hello again, Nawlins. Itís your just about favorite
writer again glad to be back in the city, and what a time to be back. Just when you think that it will be years before New Orleans comes back to a life similar to what it was, One Eyed Jacks is filled with one of the largest crowds I've ever seen gathered for a local act on Tuesday night. Looking around you could tell that it was at least 95% locals. Stoners, slackers, drunks, potheads, indie kids, dumbshits...you know the regular incredible crowd that gets generated around events like this.

The night opened up with a 3 to 5 minute long viewing of the disaster of Katrina, the same stuff weíve been seeing on the news on and on and hate to see. Still, it was acceptable to show. Then next was a viewing of "ELECTRIC SWAMP!" It's the brand new puppet video from Quintron and Miss Pussycat. I say it was the best puppet action ever. Best ending too. I totally wasnít expecting that. If you left during the film, you missed out. There was a daydream music video sequence in the middle.

Of course since Quintron and Miss Pussycat can do practically whatever the hell they want, itís only fitting that they come equipped with the most bizarre Dutch sailor ever manifested. Ladies and gentlemen, the king of monotony, Harry Merry!(www.harrymerry.com) Filled with lyrics you canít understand and a song you know whole after only 30 seconds. Hairy Mary provided funny moments, but a joke 10 times in a row gets less and less humorous. Sure I didnít love the act, but take note if your reading this: heckling with middle fingers, pointing to the exit door, yelling obscure crap, and shaking your head obnoxiously will not gain you brownie points, nor will anyone like you further than they hated you before you acted out.

And then the party began and New Orleans truly felt real to me again. How better can you get than the combination of these two? No, really. Thatís what I felt as I crazed around the floor. Not as crazy as I would at a usual show though, because there were a lot of really crazy people in the room. I donít know what to say about it that wouldnít sound like something youíve already heard about them. They are just plain amazing to see. Very good crowd pleasers. Their song "Underwater Dance Party" was the best irony ever. I usually donít have a lot to say when I really enjoy the show because Iím so busy having a good time I donít try to scrutinize the performance. One thing I will say though--you totally fucked up if you didnít go. These two are gonna be on a somewhat international tour for
the next few months.

In Closing:

1)New Orleans is on a underground
music high right now.
2)Iím getting really tired of out-of-towners
3)If youíre not seeing this music live you're
missing out
4)Quintron and Miss Pussycat would make a killing at birthday parties.

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