White Bitch

One Eyed Jacks

October 03, 2005

Ray Bong is the White Bitch's perfect foil. He doesn't drown out White Bitch's songs with his bleeps and bloops. Which is a sign of respect, because Bong will play with anyone and over anything. On the other side of the coin, the White Bitch understands Bong is the key to certain colors and textures that he can't get anywhere else. So, they're a team.

In the front room of One Eyed Jacks Monday night, the duo played in front of ten people. Bong stood in the booth a few steps above the bar, and the White Bitch was on the floor with his keyboard and pre-programmed song pieces. White Bitch's signature banner, a take-off on Public Enemy's black-and-white sniper logo, was hung from each end of the front wall.

Bong is the inexhaustible beast gyrating while playing his toy keytar. Bong makes music by layering keyboard presets and using special devices that only a connisseur of noise would know about. White Bitch is the songsmith that mixes '50's rock and roll, soul, and punk together to make abrasive songs that are more complicated than they seem.

The people at the front bar were very good sports. The music wasn't bad by any means, but still--there was nowhere to escape to if they didn't like the music. The nearest open bar was at least a few blocks away. The music was a little loud, but since it was such a small room, that couldn't have been helped. The bar didn't complain once, and during the hour-and-a-half set, Bong actually made a new biggest fan. A really drunk guy thought Bong was the collest dude, and I don't think Bong knew what to think of it.

The White Bitch played all the songs he knew, and he did pretty well(read past reviews to get a better feeling for how he normally does) considering there was a gruesomely entertaining zombie movie on the television above him. It was a normal and enjoyable show for a time that is anything but normal. Still, it's getting more and more enjoyable as the music comes back little and little.

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