The Bally Who and The Eames Era

One Eyed Jacks

August 19, 2005, Antigravity, and Radio Flier presents Teresco, After Dark, The Eames Era & The Bally Who? on Septermber 19th at One Eyed Jacks. Here's what David Terrell had to say about it:

(I missed Treseco due to pizza but, as I heard from several reliable sources, it wasn't that good.)


The monumental fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali was projected on a screen behind The Bally Who? and that's how their show started. The music gave full effect of feeling the match. This was my first time seeing The Bally Who? MC Bryan Spitzfaden was awesome. Intuitive, clever, and portraying such an interpretive art form all throughout the show, complete with accessories. The show was only lit by a few lights, the projector, and the disco ball. After the Ali-Frazier fight, Charlie Chaplin's "The Champion" followed.

During "Fall Down" the projector showcased Olympic failures and horses falling down. Somewhere towards the second song I got distracted by hula hoop girl, as I wanted to focus on the show. This woman was hooping for like 7 minutes straight. We all got back to watching the show and more awesome things were in the works. How's about holding up some 6 feet tall stick figure pop icons with orders on the back? Orders like "Yell 'YES' really loud right now" and "Give a complete stranger a kiss." I was lucky enough to "Hug everyone in the audience, do so now." The Bally Who? was delightful, thought provoking, not for everyone, but definitely a must see.

The Eames Era Took the stage next. The Eames Era was catchy and fun. Nothing hard to fallow-- just in your face stompable fun rock. Not too bad for a Baton Rouge band.

After Dark sucked so hard that during the first three minutes of their set the only people that stayed in the main room were the ones you know don't listen to good music. Needless to say, I only stayed for 2 minutes.

Looking back at the night, the only people I'd really really want to see again would be The Bally Who? Their stuff is definitely something everyone should see at least once.

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