The Waterseed

Bossa Nova

August 23, 2005


I was going to review another concert today, but the venue was a little, shall we say, un-hopping at the moment. Instead I went to the street that steals my heart all the time with its rhythmic appeal, Frenchmen. Reason being, The Waterseed was playing at Bossa Nova and I hadn't gotten a chance to see them yet. Now, Bossa Nova isn't the biggest venue around, but you get some nice music coming out of there, and tonight was no different. Sadly, I only
got to catch the second set of the night, but it was enough Neo-soul loveliness to put my mind at ease.

I heard the first set was all originals, but the
second set they did covers of Erykah Badu's "Tyrone," Lauren Hill's "Doo Wop," and the cult classic "Da Butt" by E.U. The show was small but a blast. One of those bands where you can feel the music and groove to every second of it. The show ended with everyone standing and clapping as if it were church, and then the offering plate came into the audience. I defiantly had a great time and if I ever find a sweet thang with a fro who's into neo soul, this would be our first date.

I also got a chance to sit down with the co-creators of The Waterseed--Lindsey, the lead singer, and Louis, the drummer--for a short interview.

DT: Getting right into things, when did you fall in
love with music?
Louis: I think subconsciously I always was, but it
became apparent when I was about 15 or 16 and of course I was drawn to all the R&B going around but as a drummer most of what I was into was rock like Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, and In Living Color.
Lindsey: I have been in love with music my entire
life. When I was 5 years old I did my first solo
DT: what would you say are your inspirations?
Lindsey: Nina Simone Salt N Pepper
Louis: Lindsey is all into the hip-hop and I'm more old school. We listen to a lot of other genres though
Lindsey: We all like a little bit of something else but it comes together like a family
Louis: We feel like music is universal, people try to get mad about sub genres and such because they aren't true to form like just funk or just soul but it's not that serious, it's just music. With us
we're a ying yang and we like variety
Lindsey: Yeah we just want people to have fun; big party.
DT: How do you feel about music today?
Louis: Music is always changing and I feel like music is in a big flux right now. Some good and some not so good. We used to tour around nationally and we haven't just stayed put till about six months ago and ever since we did our fan base here in New Orleans has been growing, especially with the internet, being able to reach out to people we wouldn't normally be
able to. We just want to make music for the people.
Lindsey: As long as the Alicia Keys, John Mayers, and Waterseeds of the world are here, I think it'll be okay.
Louis: I could go on about what is wrong with the
industry, but why hate? Be more creative.

We would like to thank The Waterseed for doing the interview and urge everyone to check them out at and currently every
Friday at Cafe Brasil

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