Howlin' Wolf

August 12, 2005

Meriwether has the brightest future out of the bands that participated in the Jager Band Search at The Howlin' Wolf Friday night. Groundfault played enjoyable rap metal, but like Overtone and Lowerline, they weren't as polished as Meriwether. The rock quartet from Baton Rouge did a better job of incorporating progressive(or more intellectual songwriting) elements into their pureed mix of metal, punk, and earnesty. Some would call it a word that starts in E and ends in O, but I don't like that word. Better to just say they've taken cues from Our Lady Peace, Incubus, and the testosterone-fueled, driving guitar of 311's Tim Mahoney. Add to that the math rock and bright tones of Hum and you have a blurry skeleton of Meriwether.

Vocalist/guitarist Drew Reilley's vocals were enjoyable yet slightly whiny. Along with the other two guys in front, he jumped, kicked up dust, and pounded the stage with his weight. Meriwether got a smaller amount of people to the show than the other three New Orleans bands, but the small crowd left at the end of the night was energized by the band's epilectic theatrics. One guy up front was flailing his body around all crazy like. He managed to get a 5 person mosh pit going for one song. At the end of the set, bassist Josh Barbier got excited and went for a little too much. He flung his bass around his body, and instead of it landing back in his hands, it flew off its strap and slid along the stage. Lucky it didn't stab somebody.

Meriwether's new album, "Make Your Move," is impressive, and it only seems like a matter of time until someone gets their hooks into them. That hasn't happened yet, as judged by a lack of color coordinated outfits. Not everyone wore black and jeans!

Even if Meriwether didn't officially win the band competition, they're sure to go on to better things.

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